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How it all began...

A few years ago, I decided to hang up my office job as a junior payroll assistant in order to go after my creativity. After losing all my savings while chasing after a bachelor's degree in multimedia, I came to the point where I needed to prove it to myself first if I really was suited for this. That’s when I started to work as a freelancer in Zurich, Switzerland, where I have been living since my childhood. However, I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; as I grew up in a very diverse environment, solving problems creatively was basically my everyday life. This whole professional transition taught me a lot and reminded me of my early beginnings when I was adapting to Swiss culture. I feel that my emigration played a huge part in my preparation for what I do now. Thanks to these experiences, I can adapt to any situation very quickly and understand customers' need. Since my clientele is quite international, I came up with the name «4allnations Group». I create content for all people, for all branches, and for all nations - it’s that simple. Plus, the name also describes my origin best. I hope you enjoy my work while going through this site. I would love to hear from you!
Joyce aka 4allnations


Together we can make big steps forward.

Graphic Design

Customized flyers, posters and business cards.

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Marketing Communication

Influencer Marketing, niche marketing, Texts for every purpose and translations from Brazilian Portuguese into German.

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Film and Photography

YouTube videos, interviews, image films and animations for the internet as well as event photography.

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Do you want to create your own website? Information, SEO, visuals and contact forms. The essentials at a glance.

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My Works

We call it sucess, when my work becomes part of your success.

One Woman Team

Always focused.


Joyce Küng

Media Creator

Regardless of whether you need a website and its content, graphic design, short films and animations, storytelling or editing pictures, I am able to advise you and help you to realize your wishes. I work primarily in Zurich, but I am also very open to travel. Thanks to my eclectic professional experience, I can take care of a diverse range of tasks. Thus, you can spare the effort of collaborating with several freelancers when working with me.

  • In order to love what you do, you need to do what you love.

    - Joyce Meyer

    Author, Joyce Meyer Ministries.

  • Joyce, spending time with you, feels like going on vacation.

    - Seyhan

    A friend.

  • Every second is of importance when building your business, so act like it. #legendbuilder

    - MC Lyte

    Female Rapper, one of hip-hop's pioneer feminists.

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